Frequently asked questions

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Is there on campus accommodation? How do I apply?

On campus accommodation is available at the Hawthorn campus.

You can find more information here, including application procedures and fees and charges. 

Though there is no on campus accommodation at Prahran many student choose to live at the Hawthorn Residences and travel to the campus. Travel time varies from 15 - 40 minutes depending on the what method you are using.

How do I find my way around?

Our site includes Google maps of the approximate location of each listing. Google Maps can help you find addresses and directions, as well as providing a street level view through Google Street View.

You can also pick up a street directory for around $40.00 at most stores, including newsagencies.

I contacted one of the providers and they told me the vacancy was gone. Why does it still say it's available on the website?

Sometimes providers can forget to let us know their vacancy is gone. Or maybe it has just been rented, and they haven't had a chance to tell us.

If you come across one of these offers, please let us know. That way we can contact the provider and take down the offer if it's no longer available.

This can be a big time saver for students that are going through the database as it stops them wasting time on unavailable properties.

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What are students looking for?

Most students seek out accommodation that is close to their University campus, or that has good access to public transport. Offers from surrounding suburbs are usually popular, but some students do choose to live further away from campus if they have their own transport.

Price can be a big factor for students, so cheap accommodation is generally popular. Offers that are considered to be expensive for the area might not generate many student enquiries.

What is not acceptable in a housing offer?

If the property you are leasing is a vacant property please remember that anti-discrimination laws prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender or parental status.

These laws do not apply to rooms being offered in shared properties, but at Swinburne University we will not approve any discriminatory advertisements.

For more information or assistance please contact the housing advisor at your closest campus.

How do I advertise a vacant room or property?

You'll need to register as a provider first. It should only take you a minute or two.

Once you've done that, just click "Add a listing" and fill out the form.

How do I relist a previous offer?

1. Locate the listing to be reactivated from your dashboard.

2.Click on the 'relist' link.

3.Click on 'available from' box and enter the date the property is available from.

4.Select the 'preview' box and make any changes that you want.

5.Select the 'OK, submit this listing' button.

6. Once approved by a Housing Adviser you will receive a notification email.