Provider Terms

We accept three main types of accommodation: shared homes, vacant properties and boarding or home away from home opportunities.

What is required?

You are required to provide us with your full name, full street address (including the street number) and contact details before we can advertise your vacancy. These are for office use only. Students will only see your first name and the name of the street the vacancy is in, as well as any contact details you have chosen to make available to them. It is up to you to if you want to provide further details when you speak to students to arrange an inspection.

NOTE: Please DO NOT place your phone number, email address or street address in the details section. Everything placed in this section will be visible to students and doing so may lead to your offer being rejected.

For more information please consult our FAQs on What Students Are Looking For and What Is Not Acceptable In A Housing Offer.

From time to time, the University will review the housing offers and reserves the right to not advertise your property on the Database.

Important Information for providers offering 4 OR MORE rooms.

Please note that if the property you wish to advertise is intended to be occupied by four (4) or more students, either in separate or shared rooms, then your property will be considered a rooming house under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (RTA) and must operate as such, UNLESS each student is signed up to an individual tenancy agreement (lease).

In addition, if you are renting out a room (1 or more) you need to contact your local council to find out what your obligations are in regard to Planning, Building and Health Regulations.

For more information please contact Consumer Affairs.

Who can access the information in my listing?

Some information about listings is visible to the public. However, your contact information is ONLY made available to students of Swinburne University of Technology that have verified their identity.

An accommodation provider must satisfy him or herself as the suitability of the student. Swinburne University of Technology does not recommend students and no recourse shall be had to the university by accommodation providers in respect of any claim arising out of the accommodation arrangement.